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Camp Highlights

Serious Fun at Snow Valley Basketball Camps

Snow Valley Basketball Schools is committed to offering the highest level of basketball instruction in the country. Arrive to camp prepared to work hard and with a positive attitude and you're sure to improve your game.

Highlights Include
  • Learn from our top coaching staff who are all USA Basketball Lincensed
  • Learn the 4 building blocks of basketball success: Choices, Comfort Zone, Communication, Compete
  • High-level instruction with a low 8:1 camper to coach ratio
  • Every camper will receive a camp t-shirt, personal eval and performance report card
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Camp Directors

  • Don Showalter Sv

    Camp Director Don Showalter

    Don Showalter is a ten-time USA Basketball gold medalist head coach and earned the title of 2018 USA Basketball Co-Development Coach of the Year. Showalter led the 2018 USA Basketball Men’s U16 National Team to a gold medal and 7-0 record at the 2018 FIBA U16 Tournament of the Americas.

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  • Basketball Coach Slykhuis

    Co-Director (1943-2016) Jerry Slykhuis

    Coach Slykhuis has instilled the values of hard work and dedication into players from all over the world. After the tragic loss of Jerry, we are proudly dedicating this camp season to him - a dear friend and one of Iowa's greatest coaches.

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  • Dick Peth

    Coach Dick Peth

    Wartburg College Head Coach Dick Peth enters his 22nd season with the men's basketball program. During his tenure, Wartburg’s program has captured three Iowa Conference championships (2000-01/2004-05/2005-06) and one Iowa Conference tournament championship (2017) and earned two NCAA Division III national tournament berths (2001 & 2017).

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Wartburg 400X300

Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa

The athletic facilities are located on the beautiful campus of Wartburg College, which is centrally located between most of the major metropolitan areas of the Midwest in Waverly, Iowa. Wartburg College has state-of-the-art athletic facilities and the college prides itself on its athletic dominance. ...

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Camp Details

2019 DATES

Boys I: June 27-30
Boys II: July 11-14
Boys III: July 17-20
Girls: July 21-24

Snow Valley Iowa Basketball Schools will help you improve in all facets of the game by working with our group of famous coaches from across the globe who have been selected to push you to get better. A minimum of nineteen clinics concerning individual and team fundamentals will be presented during the week long session, with drills being part of each clinic. Daily game competition against campers of the same age and ability level will be scheduled and every participant will play a minimum of one half of every game. We guarantee an excellent week of basketball involvement!

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Check-in: First day at 9:30AM in the Cardinal Commons, between Grossman and Lohe Residence Halls
Closing Ceremony: Last day at 11:30AM


Campers will reside in the dorms on campus. Campers stay 2 per room in suites with 2-4 double rooms and a common living area. Campers are assigned by age or roommate request. If you have a roommate request, and have not already given it to us, please do so as soon as possible. Roommate requests are not guaranteed, if you don't have a roommate request, you will be placed in a room with someone near your age. It will be a great opportunity to meet someone new!

Bathrooms: Shared
Linens: Not provided
Air-conditioning: Yes
Pool: No
Suggested Spending Money: $50


Campers can purchase camp shorts and various camp shirts at check-in, during one night at camp and at check-out. Pizza is sold in the evenings. We also suggest that you do not bring anything to camp of high value.


Campers are supervised 24 hours a day. The staff live in the dormitories with the campers and participate in evening activities. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco are strictly prohibited, and constitute, along with general misconduct, grounds for dismissal from camp without a refund.


Campers attending both Boys I and Boys II have the option to stay the night between sessions (July 10th) for a fee of $15. This fee includes supervision and lodging. By purchasing the extra night stayover, it is not required for parents/guardians to attend the Boys Session I check-out on July 10th or the Boys Session II check-in on July 11th.


At Snow Valley Iowa, we expect each and every camper to arrive prepared and bring a positive attitude. A Personal Player Profile Report Card will be kept on each camper throughout the week and given to him or her on the last day of camp. This Report Card will note particular strengths and weaknesses and offer suggestions for individual improvement once your son or daughter has left Snow Valley.

*Please note, this information is subject to change.

Images by MD Janiska.

Sample Daily Schedule
  • 6:30AM Report to gym Clinic # 1
  • 7:00AM-8:00AM Breakfast
  • 8:15AM-9:00AM On the floor warm ups
  • 9:00AM-11:00AM Clinics
  • 11:00AM-11:30AM Team practice or position work
  • 11:30AM-12:30PM Lunch
  • 1:15PM Back on the floor
  • 1:30PM-4:00PM Clinics
  • 4:00PM-4:45PM Team practice or position work
  • 4:45PM-5:45PM Dinner
  • 6:30PM-7:00PM Back on the floor (warm ups)
  • 7:00PM-8:00PM Clinics
  • 8:15PM-10:30PM Games

Camp Reviews

    • 5/5.
    Met a lot of new friends

    She really enjoyed her first year at camp, she met a lot of really nice girls from around the world. She said the camp is intense with a ton of training. She won a t-shirt for being one of the best passers. She plans to attend next year.

    — Leslie M. Parent 8/2/2018
    • 4/5.
    Friendly coaches

    My son's highlights included specific skill lessons and immediate detailed feedback that was amazing, the coaching staff was supportive, skilled and helped with mental challenge of the game as well.

    — Tina H. Parent 7/31/2018
    • 5/5.
    Best Camp!

    This is the BEST CAMP in the area. They work extremely hard and utilize the entire time at camp to improve their girls skills as well as teamwork skills. My daughter improved her skills throughout the week and learned several drills she can continue to work on throughout the fall to get ready for the season and improve her game.

    — Jim D. Parent 7/30/2018
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    • 5/5.
    Great coaches and food

    Great coaching staff, lots of different perspectives, nice and friendly coaches who really wanted to be there, coaches actually cared about students well being and safety, good food!

    — Carla B. Parent 7/29/2018
    • 5/5.
    I got one-on-one time with my coach.

    I was able to get a ball handling workout one-on-one with a coach and got great drills to take with me. The Snow Valley Survivor was a great game and I loved the clinics and cut throat games.

    — Sam S., Camper, 9/8/17
    • 5/5.
    My daughter's defense has improved.

    My daughter took away some great skills that has improved her defense in the game.

    — Becky S., Parent, 8/21/17
    • 5/5.
    The coaches focused on my daughter's problem areas.

    The coaches took my daughter's focus away from the 1 on 1 game which she is amazing at and made her focus on her problem areas. She gets physical in the post now and realizes the importance of working as a team and positional responsibilities. Before she knew what you were supposed to do, now she understands the why and when. For example fast break defense, spacing, boxing out, defender position in relation to shot selection, and not to force the pass.

    — Sean T., Parent, 8/20/17
    • 5/5.
    My daughter's first camp experience alone was great!

    This was the first year my daughter went to camp alone and she had a great time. She had fun playing up with the high school girls. She learned a lot and grew a lot more confident. Great camp, great coaches, she will be coming back!

    — Pam C., Parent, 8/10/17
    • 5/5.
    Excellent coaches

    My daughter was exposed to better players and excellent coaches.

    — Dawn M., Parent, 8/10/17
    • 5/5.
    My child really enjoyed scrimmaging.

    My child really enjoyed scrimmaging during camp. She also liked her coach.

    — Tracy H., Parent, 8/10/17
    • 5/5.
    A challenging but fun camp!

    It was a challenging but fun camp and I had a great time!

    — Aiden D., Camper, 8/9/17
    • 5/5.
    One of the best things I did all summer!

    This camp was one of the best things I did all summer! Encouraging, positive, motivational. I met so many great athletes and made new friends and it brought me out of my comfort zone, increasing my level of performance. I can't wait to go back!

    — Haley C., Camper, 8/8/17
    • 5/5.
    My son loved camp!

    My son loved camp! He enjoyed all the basketball drills, games, etc! He said he will definitely go back next year!

    — Carrie W., Parent, 8/8/17
    • 5/5.
    My daughter loves this camp!

    My daughter loves this camp! Loves the drills and the competition. Please make it one day longer!

    — Lynette F., Parent, 8/8/17
    • 5/5.
    Amazed and impressed with this camp.

    This was my daughter's first camp with Snow Valley and I was very satisfied to hear her tell me how tired she was every night. That told me that she was physically working out hard with this basketball camp. She was very amazed and impressed with this BB camp and she'd like to attend again next summer.

    — Aileen L., Parent, 8/7/17
    • 5/5.
    Snow Valley inspires and instills authentic love for the game.

    This camp came highly recommended and it lived up to that reputation. My daughter loved the coaches; they spoke with authority and gave valuable, usable information. She liked the pace of the day - lots to do, not much time wasted waiting to do things - and she liked that so many aspects of the game were covered, especially defense. She has already been able to apply that knowledge in a couple of elite camp settings. Thank you so much. Snow Valley inspires and instills authentic love for the game.

    — Diane S., Parent, 8/7/17
    • 5/5.
    I won the championship game and the defensive player award.

    Camp highlights: Winning the championship and getting the defensive player award. Also hanging in the dorm with my friends. And I really liked my coach.

    — Natalie M., Camper, 8/7/17
    • 5/5.
    My daughter's 4th summer at Snow Valley

    This was my daughter's 4th time at Snow Valley. She always learns a lot and has fun at camp. Her highlight was getting an award at the end. The games are fun to watch but the competition is sometimes frustrating when there are so many mixed levels there.

    — Sandra O., Parent, 8/7/17
    • 5/5.
    The awards ceremony was a highlight.

    My daughter liked the dorm room experience. She was chosen to move up to a higher division and was excited about that too. The awards ceremony at the end was a highlight.

    — Jamie G., Parent, 8/7/17
    • 5/5.
    My daughter enjoyed every minute of this camp!

    This was the first year for my daughter at Snow Valley. She enjoyed every minute! Yes, it was tough and she worked hard. She came out a more skilled player though. She wants to do it again next year too!

    — Heidi T., Parent, 8/7/17
    • 5/5.
    Well run as always.

    Coach was great and very encouraging with everyone on the team. Camp was well run as always. I still would like to see some additional down time built into the camp. Just seems like too much in one day.

    — Gregg M., Parent, 8/3/17
    • 5/5.
    My son really enjoyed the coaching.

    My son really enjoyed all the coaching and improving his skills. He loved the practice and games and would be fine with more playing time.

    — Mary S., Parent, 8/2/17
    • 5/5.
    My son liked the challenge.

    My son liked the challenge of playing with other kids who were really good and the games were his favorite. My only suggestion is to streamline the check-in process.

    — Donna L., Parent, 8/2/17
    • 5/5.
    I would recommend this camp to anyone who is serious about the game.

    Great coaches. Great instruction. Best camp my son has ever been to and we would recommend it to anyone who is serious about the game of basketball.

    — Gary B., Parent, 7/31/17
    • 5/5.
    I was able to build on different skills.

    I was able to work on a position that I normally don't work on, and was able to build on different skills. I really liked the scrimmage games and cut-throat. Check-in was slow though.

    — Brent S., Parent, 7/30/17
    • 5/5.
    I improved my skills tenfold.

    Loved playing games and getting to know a lot of great people and coaches, while also being able to improve skills tenfold.

    — Dalton E., Camper, 7/29/17
    • 5/5.
    My son made new friends with campers from across the U.S. and internationally.

    My child loved the fundamentals taught by the caring coaches. He loved meeting new friends from across the U.S. and those international campers. It was a challenging camp with so much time devoted to basketball, but rewarding when completed. Thanks again Snow Valley Coaches!

    — Ray P., Parent, 7/26/17
    • 5/5.
    My son was encouraged and empowered at this camp.

    My son felt extremely encouraged and empowered by his coach. He knew exactly what was expected of him, what he had to improve upon, and what his role was on the team.

    — Susan A., Parent, 7/26/17
    • 5/5.
    Best camp in the country!

    Best camp in the country from staff, instruction, to facilities. We have attended 2 weeks each summer for 3 years and will continue until my sons graduate.

    — Thatcher D., Parent, 7/25/17
    • 5/5.
    My son gained confidence and valuable basketball skills.

    My son absolutely loved camp! He gained confidence as well as valuable skills as a basketball player. We will definitely sign him up for next year and he is looking forward to it!

    — Kristy N., Parent, 7/25/17
    • 5/5.
    Competitive and fun.

    The games were competitive and fun. Playing 5 games with a championship at the end made it seem like a real league.

    — Kaden W., Camper, 7/25/17
    • 5/5.
    An intense camp that my son really enjoyed.

    My son really enjoyed the camp, he thought it was very intense but in a good way. He indicated that he now knows how to play basketball, previously he just went through the motions and really did not grasp some of the concepts of the big picture.

    — Meridee D., Parent, 7/25/17
    • 5/5.
    My son was challenged and had a great time at Snow Valley.

    My son had a great time. He said he met new people, got better, was challenged and had fun.

    — Jenni K., Parent, 7/25/17
    • 5/5.
    Can't beat the camper to coach ratio.

    My favorite part of camp was being a part of a team/meeting new teammates. Everyone's positive energy on staff. Neat idea about the scorecard. Can't beat the athlete/coach ratio.

    — Brady S., Camper, 7/25/17
    • 5/5.
    Competitive morning sessions and evening games.

    My son learned a great deal. The evening games were competitive and physical. He also liked the morning sessions of stretching. Those stretching sessions helped him be less sore.

    — Dave S., Parent, 7/25/17
    • 5/5.
    My son's game has improved.

    My son enjoyed all the drills that helped improve his game. He also enjoyed his coach as well as down time with his friends.

    — Emily D., Parent, 7/25/17
    • 5/5.
    My son made friends with campers from other towns and states.

    My son's favorite parts of camp were getting to know his coach who was from another country and getting to know other campers. He has maintained contact with several from other towns and states. He also enjoyed the wide variety of coaching drills and learning experiences.

    — Alison S., Parent, 7/25/17
    • 5/5.
    My son also comes home with so much to talk about.

    My son absolutely loves this camp. He always comes home with so much to talk about, and describing in depth all the things he learned, especially the things the coaches said he needs to work on.

    — Matt B., Parent, 7/25/17
    • 5/5.
    My son was pushed in his third year at this camp.

    My son's highlight this year was being pushed a little more by one of the coaches, who took more time with him this year to do so because he had become familiar with him, this being his third year. He enjoyed that immensely.

    — Brian L., Parent, 7/25/17
    • 5/5.
    A great camp for the young ones.

    My son enjoyed learning throughout the day and being able to work on what he learned in the 5v5 games. Also, he enjoyed how organized it was. This camp did a great job with the young ones while also allowing them their own freedom to make class and get ready.

    — Mike L., Parent, 7/25/17
    • 5/5.
    We're thinking about doing two sessions next year!

    My son enjoyed it from start to finish and learned so much! He is thinking he will do two sessions next year!

    — Kristen B., Parent, 7/24/17
    • 5/5.
    My 4th year and I have loved it every time.

    This was my 4th and final year of going to Snow Valley and I have loved it every time. I have met many friends and awesome coaches and I have improved my basketball skills very much, stuff you couldn't do anywhere else.

    — Nate S., Parent, 7/24/17
    • 5/5.
    Coach Jerry would be proud!

    My son had a terrific experience, improved his skills and just genuinely had a great time. The hard work the kids put in all week shows and they walk away with many valuable skills and new friends as well. This is an awesome camp, keep up the good work! Coach JS would be so proud of how this first year after the tragic loss of him went. That was a hard thing for my son who has attended the camp the past two years in addition to this year. Coach Jerry was so wonderful interacting with the kids and that leaves a big whole for many. I have nothing but great things to say about this camp and feel that it provides kids with an unparalleled experience.

    — Lynn S., Parent, 7/24/17
    • 5/5.
    Unbelievable coaching staff!

    My son thought the coaching staff and teaching portion were unbelievable! He learned a lot and will be back next year.

    — Janis S., Parent, 7/24/17
    • 5/5.
    Excellent facility and camper to coach ratio

    Excellent facility, ratio between players and coach allows better coordination.

    — Ajit K., Parent, 7/24/17
    • 5/5.
    Impressed by the specific feedback.

    My son was thrilled when he got an individual coaching session. He was so impressed by the specific feedback and care for him to get better.

    — Kamber B., Parent, 7/24/17
    • 5/5.
    The best week of my son's summer!

    My son had a great time! He loved his experience both playing basketball and in the dorms. He felt it was the best week of the summer! He hung up the report card in his room so when he saw it he would be reminded of the work that needs to be put in. He woke up this morning and went out to play ball and get better! Pretty awesome stuff!

    — Katie S., Parent, 7/24/17
    • 5/5.
    This camp is for kids with a passion for basketball.

    This was my son's fourth year. He adores basketball and this camp is geared towards kids with a passion for basketball. He loves the format with daily games against other campers and various skill sessions. We will continue to attend for years to come!

    — Marlee T., Parent, 7/24/17
    • 5/5.
    I improved my shot.

    I loved meeting the coaches and others campers. I improved my shot and worked on my overall game. I enjoyed getting the feedback at the end of camp from the coach on my report card.

    — Jacob D., Camper, 7/24/17
    • 5/5.
    The position work was especially helpful.

    It was nice to work on skills during the day and have games to look forward to in the evenings. The position work was especially helpful and effective. The food was great and he loved the ice cream. My son really appreciated his coach and how detail oriented he was.

    — Betsy M., Parent, 7/24/17
    • 5/5.

    My son enjoyed playing games and enjoyed cut throat. The rooms were very nice and the campus was easy to get around. Food was good. The check-in process was confusing and disorganized. A few signs would have gone a long way to make things more clear.

    — Colleen W., Parent, 7/24/17
    • 5/5.
    Coach Dave helped my son get through being homesick.

    Our son had a bout of homesickness the first couple of nights and Dave did a great job accommodating his needs. I really appreciated the encouragement and help he provided.

    — Amanda E., Parent, 7/24/17
    • 5/5.
    The individual report was very comprehensive and helpful!

    My son really enjoyed the competition & the individual report was very comprehensive and helpful!

    — Jenell M., Parent, 7/23/17
    • 5/5.
    The coaches were fun!

    My son really liked his coaches. He said they were fun and he learned a lot! He also liked meeting new friends and learning lots of new drills to practice at home.

    — Traci W., Parent, 7/22/17
    • 5/5.
    My son now knows what he needs to work on!

    My son loved all the games in the evenings and we loved how parents were encouraged to come watch. Coaches were very encouraging and gave very helpful feedback on the report cards. My son knows what he needs to work on! He also enjoyed Survivor and Cutthroat - fun ways to bring camp to a conclusion!

    — Michelle D., Parent, 7/22/17
    • 5/5.
    It was really cool to meet kids from around the world.

    It was really cool to meet new kids from around the country and world. Everyone was encouraging and giving each other nice compliments and getting hype.

    — Preston A., Camper, 7/21/17
    • 5/5.
    Our absolute favorite!!

    Cut Throat drill is always a favorite. Receiving detailed, constructive feedback from experienced coaches on the player report card is beneficial for players to develop their skills further. The specific skills sessions that are included daily really focus on the important aspects of the game. Top notch basketball camp - our absolute favorite!!

    — Mindy D., Parent, 7/21/17
    • 5/5.
    I got to see how other people play the game.

    I enjoyed Snow Valley basketball camp and would love to come back and bring my friends. I enjoyed getting to play with people I have never played with before. I got to see how other people play the game and learned how to play with people that were new to me.

    — Brayden L., Camper, 7/21/17
    • 5/5.
    My roommates were pretty cool.

    My roommates were pretty cool and I'm glad I got to meet guys from across the country and incorporate part of their games into mine.

    — Adam B., Camper, 7/21/17
    • 5/5.
    I learn something new from this camp every year!

    Best camp in the country. This past week was my fourth year attending and I learn something new every year I go. Love it. Thank you so much for everything!

    — Cliff H., Camper, 7/21/17
    • 5/5.
    My son could not have had a better time!

    My son raved about the camp. He loved the fact that there were kids from all over the country and even different nations. He also spoke very highly of Coach Carter. One of the things that he said that resonated with my son was "You're here not just to become a better basketball player, but more importantly a better person." My son could not have had a better time. He cannot wait to return next year. Thank you so very much for putting on such a fantastic camp. We know that the camp was fantastic because of all the great coaches that are also obviously great people. We thank you tremendously!

    — Robert H., Parent, 7/21/17
    • 5/5.
    Our travel basketball player loved it!

    Our son plays travel basketball almost year round and said he learned lots of new skills at this camp. He loved it!

    — Meg H., Parent, 7/21/17
    • 5/5.
    The coaches were awesome and very supportive.

    I loved meeting new people and working on new skills. The coaches were awesome and very supportive.

    — Jaden A., Parent, 7/21/17
    • 5/5.
    Great everything!

    Great dorms! Great facility! Fantastic coaching!

    — Amy R., Parent, 7/21/17
    • 5/5.
    My son loved "living" on a college campus.

    My son says his highlights were ordering pizza, rooming with a friend but also sharing a common space with new friends, "living" on a college campus, and taking naps in the afternoon.

    — Lisa S., Parent, 7/21/17
    • 5/5.
    Great time meeting kids from around the state.

    Great time this year meeting kids from around the state. My son loved his coach! Gained confidence. Learned new skills. Great Food.

    — Mary Jo G., Parent, 7/21/17
    • 5/5.
    My son made friends with a camper from Dubai

    My son met a camper who came from Dubai and that itself is a great experience. They became friends and he added him on snap chat. Interesting to have met an international friend. My son has been to this camp for 3 years and loves the camp. Fundamentally top notch. Highlights of course are being able to play games.

    — Becky M., Parent, 7/21/17
    • 5/5.
    Excellent coaches and facilities.

    Excellent coaches and skill work definitely worked on. Excellent facilities, dorms, and food for the campers.

    — Jill W., Parent, 7/21/17

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Basketball Camp at Wartburg College

Don Showalter, Camp Director
Wartburg College 100 Wartburg Blvd Waverly, Iowa 50677
Camp Phone: 1-800-433-6060

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Programs: Basketball School
Age Group: 11 - 18
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* Please note, times may vary on the first and last day of camp.
Programs: Basketball School
Age Group: 11 - 18
Gender: Boys
Camp will take place Thursday-Sunday.
Overnight $410.00
Availability: Open

* Please note, times may vary on the first and last day of camp.
Programs: Basketball School
Age Group: 11 - 18
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Camp will take place Wednesday-Saturday.
Overnight $410.00
Availability: Open

* Please note, times may vary on the first and last day of camp.
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Overnight $410.00
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* Please note, times may vary on the first and last day of camp.
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