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"Snow Valley Basketball School is the premiere teaching camp in America. It has a rich tradition of coaches who aspire to leave the campers with a lasting knowledge, passion, and a love for the game. I loved going back every year as a camper and as a coach because I was humbled to be around such greatness."

— Jeff Van Gundy, ESPN NBA Analyst, former NBA Head Coach

"Snow Valley Basketball School is the best camp I know of, where a player can learn and improve their skills and fundamentals, in the least amount of time. The lessons you learn at Snow Valley will last both players and coaches a lifetime. The times spent there have made my kids better players, and me a much better coach."

— Ed Azzam, Men's Varsity Basketball Coach, Westchester High School

"I have been working basketball camps for 24 years throughout the United States and South America. Snow Valley Basketball School is hands down the best teaching camp one can attend. The teaching is thorough and detailed, and the coaches that run the camp and teach at the camp truly care about the kids that attend Snow Valley Basketball School. Each young person that attends Snow Valley Basketball School leaves not only with a wealth of knowledge, but as a better person and basketball player."

— Tom Saltzstein, Boys Varsity Basketball Coach, Mesquite High School

"Snow Valley is one of the last true teaching camps in the Country. It is basketball at its purest and a place where kids can go to learn how to work hard and understand the game. It is the only camp I work. The staff is the best around and features High School and College Coaches from around the world. I can't wait for my Niece to be old enough to go."

— Charles Solomon, Beverly Hills HS/LA Pierce College

"Snow Valley has always stood for those concepts and the teachings are about playing the game 'The Right Way' which will put America back where it belongs in the world of basketball."

— Tom Dudgeon, Head Basketball Coach, Victor Valley College

"I have been to many camps across the country and nothing compares to Snow Valley in the quality of coaching and teaching, emphasis in developing complete, fundamentally sound players. Players leave Snow Valley stronger in the fundamentals and with a better understanding of how to play the game the right way."

— Pete Gaskill, Head Basketball Coach, Staley HS

"America's premier teaching camp... I never miss a chance to work there because even as a coach I learn so much basketball."

— Dave Bollwinkel, NBA Scout, Chicago Bulls

"Having attended Snow Valley as a player and now as a coach, I can't think of a better place to develop the skills and more importantly the character needed to be successful in basketball and in life."

— Ed Thomas, Head Basketball Coach, Corona High School

"There is only one Snow Valley and it will never be topped."

— Dan Hays, Head Basketball Coach, Oklahoma Christian University

"Snow valley basketball camp was by far the best camp I have ever been to. Even though it was challenging with little sleep, it is preparing me for the next level to play varsity basketball. Also, the camp was somewhat like a college experience with long hours and waking up early. Thank you for letting me participate in the camp."

— Camper

"This was my third year at Snow Valley. It just keeps getting better and better. It was very hard, but the coaches kept us motivated and doing our best."

— Camper

"I thought this camp was probably the best that I have ever been to. I really liked how much focus there was by each coach on personal attention to my improvement in each aspect of my game."

— Camper

"I sent my son with very little knowledge about this camp, but truly trusting the person that recommended it. I was impressed from the first moment. It was so organized. I was concerned there might not be enough supervision with so many boys. It was just right. They had some freedom, but they were really looked after. My son came home a better player, more confident and more in love with the game than he was before. I was worth every penny and I will try to send him again every year. Thank You."

— Parent of Camper

"The location, staff and food were all excellent! Thanks for a great camp. Snow Valley staff was very professional. They added to the total outstanding package. Please keep this camp in the Santa Barbara area. The beautiful location and great weather is a plus. Thanks!"

— Camper

"I loved the camp. My coach was awesome. I loved that I was around other girls who just wanted to play ball, all day long. I was good to see women coaches who had so much passion. The nights were fun to. I'll be back next year. The camp got me fired up and ready for my next season."

— Camper

"This was my 2nd year and I looked forward to going again this year. I wish I had discovered this camp a long time ago. I like the fact that you focus on working on each individual's game, not just on winning games. Thank you!! This year my brother and 5 friends went, too."

— Camper

"My 13 year old son Adam said this was the hardest but best camp he has ever been to. The coaching was great, the caliber of play was high, and the intensity even higher. He has been talking the camp up to all his friends and teammates."

— Camper

"My daughter is 13 and she loved the camp. She felt like she learned a great deal. We will definitely attend camp next year."

— Parent of camper

"I found the Snow Valley Basketball Camp to be very intense and challenging. However, looking back I did have a lot of fun and respect the coaches and staff for their knowledge and dedication. The facilities were excellent and I always felt safe and supervised. My personal opinion is that I don't even realize how much I have learned and grown. As each day passes, I feel more and more appreciation for the camp!"

— Camper

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