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Teaching Progression

Mastering the fundamentals of your game

At Snow Valley Basketball Schools we offer the greatest array of teaching talent anywhere to help you become a better player. Each season we emphasize these fundamentals:

  • Playing under control
  • Individual Defense - stance, movement, open court vs. dribble
  • Individual Offense - moving without the ball, pass receiving, initial moves with the ball
  • Individual Position - classes each day
  • Shooting Fundamentals - including the jump shot
  • Rebounding Skills - ball side and help side
  • Extended Defense - help and recover, closing out, defend post and flash post
  • Extended Offense - passing, receiving, perimeter, inside play
  • Transition - defensive recovery
  • Open Court Work - guards and forwards
  • Cut Throat - 4 on 4 instruction

Snow Valley programs feature players whose high school and colleges coaches were important in their basketball development, so they know how to help you achieve your basketball goals.

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